Among my many interests are web design and photography. The combination of the two, with the help of my photo editor, can produce some interesting background textures for web pages.  I also play around with a graphics program, Twisted Brush by Pixarra software, that has some nice effects. I have used some of these to produce symmetrical backgrounds. 

Since making these backgrounds is more rewarding than playing solitaire I enjoy making these up. I have a good bit of space available on my hosting account so I decided to share these with anyone who would like to use them.

I will be adding more of these backgrounds as I find things that make interesting textures. Check back to see the new additions. If you know someone who may be interested in these backgrounds either for immediate use or for future reference you can email them a link to this site by clicking HERE. Your email program will open with the subject line and body filled in. If you would like to contact me by email click HERE.

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Thank you!


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