To use any of these image on your web site please save the image to your computer and upload it to your server with your other content. Please do not deep link to the image on my site. I may rearrange the site or discontinue some images if there is little demonstrated interest in them.

When you see something you like just save it to your computer.

You can save any of the images to your computer using the right click context menu item 'save as'. Be sure that you either assign a location or at least check where the image will be saved. If you have an images folder for your website that would be a logical place to save the images you choose.

I once provided previews of both horizontal and vertical orientation page for the images. In some cases there is a significant difference in the look and feel of the page depending on the orientation of the background image. I am now providing primarily the vertical view. 

You can rotate your images with any photo editing software. Even Windows picture viewer will allow you to rotate an image. I suggest trying the images both ways to see which you prefer. (I have an article on using a photo editor with the images HERE.)

If you choose to use any of these background images please send a link to the page and I will add it to my link directory so that people can see the effect of using the image on an actual page. It also helps in search engine ranking to have external links to your page. It would be nice if you provide a link to this page somewhere on your site if you use one or more of the images in your design.

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